85 healer w/pvp gear for pve heroics. does it matter?

don’t be a gear snob.  i ran Zul’Gurub on heroics a few times as a healer — successfully, i might add — in almost full PvP gear with Vicious Embersilk Pants and the like.  i’m not gonna lie, we wiped a few times but that was due to ppl not knowing the mechanics of the game with the last boss.  then i came into a group that flipped out b/c of my gear’s attack power w/o even giving me a chance.  wtf.  firstly, if i’m to earn justice points to get pve gear, you need to give me a chance.  secondly, gear is only as good as the skills of the person wearing it.  if i can heal through heroics in my pvp gear, you better be damned sure you can dps or tank in your pve gear and hold up your end of the rope.  of course, the rogue went and “stood in teh fire” and died and made me look bad.

loot etiquette and tips so you don’t get kicked

i have alt-itis where i roll a new toon evey few months out of boredom, and quite frankly, i enjoy lower-level battlegrounds and dungeons.  but one thing i consistently run into in the lvl 15-30 instances (even beyond that sometimes) is a party’s inability to work together as a team, or even being aware that these dungeons are not every man for himself.

prot pallys: get a shield for pete’s sake.

ret pallys (if you aren’t the tank), hunters, and OP mages: stop randomly picking fights and over-aggroing, just b/c you want to top the DPS chart.

DPS in general: wait for the tank to start a fight!  if an enemy starts chasing you, don’t run.  stop attacking and go near the tank.  the tank should be able to peel the aggro off of you, then you can go back to where you were.  if you run, the enemy will still follow you (duh, you cannot out run them, they will follow you all around the dungeon unlike in a normal environment where they stop bothering you if you run away far enough).  if the tank is very smart and nice, they’ll notice you’re being attacked and come near you (again, don’t run, don’t attack).  don’t cry to the healer b/c they didn’t heal you — if they follow you around healing you, they’ll be neglecting the tank and the tank is their #1 priority (most of the time).  if you want to be healed, stay in the line-of-sight of the healer, and if they’re mana-efficient and nice, they’ll heal you too, even though it was your fault for starting a fight.

in an ideal environment, the tank will start a fight, dps follows, and heals heal the tank (who should be taking most of the aggro).  in higher levels, everyone will be taking damage and you still have to keep pumping out dps to kill the boss but by that time, the healer should have enough spells in their arsenal to be able to handle that.  the “tank pulls first” should still be the motto though, no matter what level you’re at.

need or greed (or disenchant)?

do not roll “need” on loot unless:

  1. it’s appropriate for your specialty.  this means if a ring drops that has strength+ and stamina+, you can “need” it if you’re tank or melee dps, for example.  but if you’re a holy priest, don’t be a douchebag and “need” it just because you don’t have any rings.
  2. it’s appropriate material.  if cloth armor drops and it has mana+ stamina+ spell power+, you can “need” it if you’re a healer or mage, for example.  but if you’re a death knight and you’re “need”ing it because it has much better stamina than what you’re currently wearing, you’re being a jerk.
  3. everyone else has already rolled “need” on something like a special trinket or pet drop.

“disenchant” destroys the item and i think it prioritizes it the same as “greed” so only use this if it’s BoP, you don’t need the item, and you’re planning to sell it to a merchant anyway.  “disenchant” will break the item down into an element you can sell at the auction house (and then you may make more money that way instead of just selling it to a merchant).  of course, if enchanting is one of your professions, this can be an obvious choice instead of “greed.”

if you keep “need”ing on everything, you’ll be accused of being a “ninja” and get kicked from the instance by your teammates.  as your leveling, you’ll constantly be picking up new and better armor/weapons anyway so don’t be a greedy bung hole when it comes down to looting.

nobody likes getting kicked from a group.  therefore, don’t be so quick to kick someone for some stupid reason — tell them what they did wrong, and if it happens again, warn them that they might be kicked.  and if you’re the one who did something wrong, then just say, ‘my bad, it won’t happen again.’  if you do get kicked for no apparent reason, you can always just write a blog post about it.

fixed: my screenshots aren’t saving for Diablo III

i have my keybinding to the default: Game Menu > Options > Key Bindings > under “System” the option for “Take a Screenshot” = “SYSRQ”

i checked to make sure this is bound to my “PrtScn” key on my keyboard.

when i’m playing the game, using any of my characters, and hit the “PrtScn” key, there is no indication that a screenshot was taken.

i am looking in D:\Program Files\Diablo III\ which is where i installed the game. i did not install onto the default C:\ drive b/c i only use my solid state drive for my OS and essential programs. D:\ has a lot more space.

normally, when i take a screenshot in WoW, it shows up in D:\Program Files\World of Warcraft\Screenshots but i don’t get any screenshots for Diablo III. i’ve googled the problem but couldn’t find any results.

are you having the same problem?  it’s because screenshots for Diablo 3 are saved in My Documents > Diablo III > Screenshots.  of course, My Documents is on my C:\ drive so i ended up having to move the target location to the D:\ drive using this tutorial, instead of trying to configure the target path through the game.

why would they not make it save the screenshots where the game is installed?  is it because it’s harder to find than just looking in My Documents??  they could’ve at least made it so that you can change the default location where the screenshots save.

screenshots from Mists of Pandaria (beta)

random screenshots from MoP. i  signed up for WoW’s annual pass, so i finally got my hands on the Beta on 4/20/2012 (after it seemed like everyone else got it!)  i found a few bugs and questing wasn’t fun because there were thousands of people trying to hand in the same quest, blocking everyone’s view.  /c interact Training Bell does NOT work.

you n00bs can all die

as a lvl-83 disc priest, do i need to overheal in dungeons i’ve been to before? no. not unless you have a whiney dps pally (it isn’t even the tank) who complains that he had to heal themself once during 1 fight (while he had full mana) and you were busy keeping the tank at a good level of hp, throwing heals here and there. so i tell them, listen, i’m not going to heal everyone in the group all the effing time — my focus is the tank, especially if my mana is running low, and i won’t let anyone die (if i can help it).  i mean, really, that’s how i came out of close situations before and the tank should really be the only one aggroing anyway.  oh and he said if i run out of mana too quickly, it’s because i suck at healing.  no.  it could be because your face is ugly.  and of course, i get kicked from the pug.  srsly, w.t.f. i’m not a babysitter.

i stopped playing for a while and came back into a random bg, in which, ppl actually noted what a great healer i was for saving their ass in pvp.  and we came from behind and won.  so all you n00bs can die.  including you manasaurus on wildhammer.  hope you waited an eternity for a healer who probably let you wipe.

…healers are often forced to prioritize party members to ensure overall survival. If a damage-dealer and a tank both require attention, chances are the tank will be seen to first. Please try not to take it personally.