fixed: my screenshots aren’t saving for Diablo III

i have my keybinding to the default: Game Menu > Options > Key Bindings > under “System” the option for “Take a Screenshot” = “SYSRQ”

i checked to make sure this is bound to my “PrtScn” key on my keyboard.

when i’m playing the game, using any of my characters, and hit the “PrtScn” key, there is no indication that a screenshot was taken.

i am looking in D:\Program Files\Diablo III\ which is where i installed the game. i did not install onto the default C:\ drive b/c i only use my solid state drive for my OS and essential programs. D:\ has a lot more space.

normally, when i take a screenshot in WoW, it shows up in D:\Program Files\World of Warcraft\Screenshots but i don’t get any screenshots for Diablo III. i’ve googled the problem but couldn’t find any results.

are you having the same problem?  it’s because screenshots for Diablo 3 are saved in My Documents > Diablo III > Screenshots.  of course, My Documents is on my C:\ drive so i ended up having to move the target location to the D:\ drive using this tutorial, instead of trying to configure the target path through the game.

why would they not make it save the screenshots where the game is installed?  is it because it’s harder to find than just looking in My Documents??  they could’ve at least made it so that you can change the default location where the screenshots save.