85 healer w/pvp gear for pve heroics. does it matter?

don’t be a gear snob.  i ran Zul’Gurub on heroics a few times as a healer – successfully, i might add — in almost full PvP gear with Vicious Embersilk Pants and the like.  i’m not gonna lie, we wiped a few times but that was due to ppl not knowing the mechanics of the game with the last boss.  then i came into a group that flipped out b/c of my gear’s attack power w/o even giving me a chance.  wtf.  firstly, if i’m to earn justice points to get pve gear, you need to give me a chance.  secondly, gear is only as good as the skills of the person wearing it.  if i can heal through heroics in my pvp gear, you better be damned sure you can dps or tank in your pve gear and hold up your end of the rope.  of course, the rogue went and “stood in teh fire” and died and made me look bad.