85 healer w/pvp gear for pve heroics. does it matter?

don’t be a gear snob.  i ran Zul’Gurub on heroics a few times as a healer – successfully, i might add — in almost full PvP gear with Vicious Embersilk Pants and the like.  i’m not gonna lie, we wiped a few times but that was due to ppl not knowing the mechanics of the game with the last boss.  then i came into a group that flipped out b/c of my gear’s attack power w/o even giving me a chance.  wtf.  firstly, if i’m to earn justice points to get pve gear, you need to give me a chance.  secondly, gear is only as good as the skills of the person wearing it.  if i can heal through heroics in my pvp gear, you better be damned sure you can dps or tank in your pve gear and hold up your end of the rope.  of course, the rogue went and “stood in teh fire” and died and made me look bad.

you n00bs can all die

as a lvl-83 disc priest, do i need to overheal in dungeons i’ve been to before? no. not unless you have a whiney dps pally (it isn’t even the tank) who complains that he had to heal themself once during 1 fight (while he had full mana) and you were busy keeping the tank at a good level of hp, throwing heals here and there. so i tell them, listen, i’m not going to heal everyone in the group all the effing time — my focus is the tank, especially if my mana is running low, and i won’t let anyone die (if i can help it).  i mean, really, that’s how i came out of close situations before and the tank should really be the only one aggroing anyway.  oh and he said if i run out of mana too quickly, it’s because i suck at healing.  no.  it could be because your face is ugly.  and of course, i get kicked from the pug.  srsly, w.t.f. i’m not a babysitter.

i stopped playing for a while and came back into a random bg, in which, ppl actually noted what a great healer i was for saving their ass in pvp.  and we came from behind and won.  so all you n00bs can die.  including you manasaurus on wildhammer.  hope you waited an eternity for a healer who probably let you wipe.

…healers are often forced to prioritize party members to ensure overall survival. If a damage-dealer and a tank both require attention, chances are the tank will be seen to first. Please try not to take it personally.